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1. Make sure  you are on the VOICE overview page. If not please locate the switch section side at the bottom left side of the screen

2. On the page that appears, click on "Send a voice message" button, which is located at the center area of your screen.

3. Select a "Quick voice call" from the pop box.

4. Enter the recipient contacts in the “Recipient” textarea either separated by a comma or newline separated

Comma separated

Newline separated

5. Then click on the “Send” button

6. On the next pop up box, enter the message title in the “Message title” text box.

7. Then click on the “Upload audio file” section to upload the audio file.

8. Once the audio is done loading, you can go ahead and hit the “Send” button.

8. A success message will appear on your screen telling you that your voice call has been sent successfully.

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